Sunday, February 3, 2008

Permaculture teaching

I have found that there are stages in the evolution of a teacher as in
everything. One of the most important is when the art you teach "becomes yours".
This isn't just when you know the subject from a-z and can speak from
experience, its something that happens in the mind and everything sits into
place. This will usually follow a minor epiphanie/eureka moment. Your
subject/new understanding now becomes available as a tool for the learning of
any other art.

Models, for learning/teaching styles etc etc are great at the beginning of ones
"career", they are obviously no replacement for mastery of the art of
teaching/learning. At some point I believe one is confronted with the task of
accepting what you know and understanding where you are along the Way of any
art, there is a difference between the teacher of a course and the participants,
a fundamental one that should be respected.

I proposed years ago that PmC adopt something more akin to the Dan grading
system which in its true form has many nuances between the grades leading to a
point where your peers recognise that you have achieved true mastery.

It would also be intersting to encourage more PmC teachers to sit through other
teachers courses, we in PmC ,have the tradition of offering free places to PmC
diploma holders which seems to have been somewhat forgotten.


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